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Tales of the Abyss gets Anime


Rumor has it that a Tales of the Abyss anime is in the works! It is to be produced by Sunrise with Kodama Kenji (Kekkaishi) as director. No word on air date. And if the original game's seiyuu make a return the cast'll look something like this;

Luke fon Fabre: Chihiro Suzuki
Tear Grants: Yukana
Jade Curtiss:Takehito Koyasu
Anise Tatlin: Halko (Haruko) Momoi
Guy Cecil: Yasunori Matsumoto
Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear: Michiko Neya
Van Grants: Jouji Nakata
Asch the Bloody: Chihiro Suzuki

Needless to say, I hope they all reprise their roles. :)

Now those were all the basics. If you haven't played the game, don't read my little rant here. You WILL be spoiled.

Now for those for us who've actually played the game, there's one pressing matter that I hope the anime resolves. Who came back the end? Luke? Asch? Some strange hybrid of the two? All sign point to either Luke or the hybrid, but I've been dying for official confirmation.

Second, I want more background on Tear! In the game we only got vague hints. I want her past to be fully fleshed out. At least I want to see her relationship with Van to be explain fully. In the game we got the idea that they were very close, but I felt like they should have developed it much more. Since their relationship is a central point in the plot.

Other than that I hope the studio puts their own twist on this awesome story.(and puts in plenty of LukexTear raburabu) And that they make it a TV series like Eternia rather than an OVA like Symphonia. Needless to say you can expect full coverage here when this airs! XD

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Review Preview


Ok, this is a somewhat useless post, but whatever. I just felt like blogging. Here's what'll be up on this blog within the next week;

- The Death Note live action movie review. (Shall it in theaters so no screen caps for this.)
- S.A. vols 1-4 manga review.
- Some random post on how awesome Kekkaishi is. (+ vols 2-4 review)

May do some other reviews if I get around to it.